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For an end of the year push this year, we thought we'd do a supply drive to help get us through 2022.  If you have family and friends that want to get you something, but you don't need more stuff, direct them HERE!  If anyone wants to purchase supplies in someone's name, you can do that at the checkout.  There's lots of ways to help us out by contributing to our:


  • Office Supplies - to help get us through the endless amount of paperwork we need to fill out

  • Utilities/Building Costs - to ensure we have electricity, heat, and a place to work with our families

  • Family Items - to ensure that we can shelter all families in any way with needs that they require




We also have the option to pledge to be a Family of 500 or a Family of 1000.  This will not set up a recurring donation, but by donating through those options, you will automatically be pledged as a:


  • Family of 1000 by pledging to donate $1000 or more every year over a period of 3 years.

  • Family of 500 by pledging to donate $500 or more every year over a period of 3 years.


***Through the end of 2021, the Richard L. and Diane M. Block Foundation will match every NEW FAMILY OF 1000 donation! Please consider donating now and helping us reach the goal of $25,000 in Families of 1000.***


You also have the option to simply contribute to FPJ with a one-time general donation.


Thank you for checking this out and considering our non-profit during the holiday season.

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Our mission is to help families who are in need and demonstrate the ability to benefit from assistance provided by Family Promise. The mission is carried out by a network of congregations and other community resources working together to meet the immediate, basic needs of displaced families and assist them to build patterns that will bring long-term stability. 


Our values are woven through the fabric of partnering with the faith community and providing services through personal and professional care to families, which undergirds all that we believe and share through Family Promise of Juneau. Specifically, we: 

  1. Esteem families as the core building blocks of our society.

  2. Honor volunteerism as the foundation of our program.

  3. Strive for the unity of family and community.

  4. Show genuine love in all that we do. 

  5. Respect all persons and faith groups.

  6. Believe in acting on potential for change and growth. 


The vision of Family Promise of Juneau is to provide hospitality for entire families in a holistic and home-like environment as families become self- sufficient. This vision includes guiding and nurturing a network of area congregations and civic groups as the steadfast and inspired source of assistance to families experiencing homelessness in our community. 


Since Day 1 - April 30, 2017 :​

Households Served: 57 Households

               Families in Transition: 37 Families

               Prevention Services: 20 Households

Utilizing Shelter Services, 80% of Families in Transition graduated to long-term permanent housing.  

With $69,000.00 distributed and case-management provided, 100% of households in Prevention Services remained housed.

Adults Served: 87

Children Served: 108

Hospitality Nights Provide: 8,688

Meals Served: 26,064

Average Length of Stay: 68 Days

Active Volunteers: 478

Active hosting supports: 16


****(statistics updated bi-weekly)

Homelessness In Juneau

Lack of affordable housing is the main cause of homelessness in our Community.

Many of our homeless guest families have been camping and/or sleeping in their vehicles (with their kids!) prior to entering shelter.

Currently, 35 children in the Juneau School District are enrolled in the Students and Families in Transition Program.  This is only the recorded children, not everyone reports their current situation.  During the 2019/2020 school year, 85 children were enrolled, and in the 2018/2019 school year, there were 126 children enrolled.

According to a 2019 Juneau Point in Time Count there are:

  • 35 Un-sheltered Homeless People

  • 72 Homeless People in an Emergency Shelter

  • 103 Homeless People in Transitional Housing

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