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Who We Are


Building community to end childhood homelessness in Juneau.


Family Promise of Juneau carries out this mission by providing: 

Prevention Services - personal case management and financial support to remain housed,

Shelter - a community network of volunteers who provide shelter and hospitality,

Stabilization - referral services and graduate support.


Our values are woven through the fabric of partnering with the faith community and providing services through personal and professional care to families, which undergirds all that we believe and share through Family Promise of Juneau. Specifically, we: 

  • Esteem families as the core building blocks of our society.

  • Honor volunteerism as the foundation of our program.

  • Strive for the unity of family and community.

  • Show genuine love in all that we do. 

  • Respect all persons and faith groups.

  • Believe in acting on potential for change and growth. 


The vision of Family Promise of Juneau is to provide hospitality for entire families in a holistic and home-like environment as families become self- sufficient. This vision includes guiding and nurturing a network of area congregations and civic groups as the steadfast and inspired source of assistance to families experiencing homelessness in our community. ​

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