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Family Promise Graduate

“We were treated like actual people; not like a case study or statistic. Family Promise showed us compassion, sympathy, and even friendship.”

2018 Graduate

“Their services not only provided us with food and shelter, but also love and support in a very hard time in our lives. The staff gave me the motivation and courage to restart my life and do better for my family. Through their ongoing support I was able to get a job with benefits and a brand new apartment. It was because of the way this program functions that we were able to get on our feet…”…They made sure we did not have to worry about diapers, where our next meal is coming from, or how we were going to get to job interviews or appointments. If we needed anything they made sure it happened or put us in contact with valued members of this community who could offer services or support. I feel like it is because of this program that so many families succeed and don’t just become another statistic in poverty. Without them I do not feel like I would be where I am today.”

Former Board Member

“What must it be like to be homeless as a family?  How do you prepare meals, stay dry and warm, keep clothes clean, wash tiny hands and faces, find boots and coats, finish homework by flashlight, and still manage to get to work or school?  How do you put one foot in front of the other when you are up against seemingly insurmountable odds without loosing hope?  If we can help ease the road for some of those along the way, then what a blessing that is."

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