Family Promise of Juneau creates an established network of congregations and community agencies to promote a community response for families with children experiencing homelessness. An organized coalition of congregations provides temporary food and shelter for families in Family Promise. In particular, Family Promise’s response offers the opportunity for homeless families to remain together as a family while addressing the challenges that confront them in obtaining housing. Families receive counseling, services, and opportunities on issues related to each family’s specific needs. 

The core services are: 

  1. To provide temporary services of food, clothing, transportation and shelter for as many as four families at a time (up to fourteen persons) at no cost to the families, relieving them from financial pressure during their enrollment in this program.

  2. To assist homeless families find permanent and affordable housing.

  3. To provide guest families a home-like atmosphere; providing a place of daytime residence. This will allow families to stay together as a family unit while parents come and go to work and children attend school or child care. 

  4. To provide various forms of assistance for families through trained professionals including seminars on such topics as financial literacy, employment counseling, family counseling, nutrition, childcare and more.

  5. To provide case management that connects families to services that will give them long-term stability.

  6. To provide opportunities for community involvement and personal interaction between volunteers and guest families. 

  7. To provide cost effective support services by utilizing volunteers and community facilities, agencies, and other local resources. 

  8. To increase participation, promotion and awareness among local congregations across the community in serving persons living in acute crisis and/or poverty.

  9. To maintain good communication channels with guest families, congregations, donors, volunteers, board members, and other community partners.

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Family Promise of Juneau relies completely on donations from the community, including foundations, businesses and individuals.  Without people like you helping us out, we would not succeed as an agency.  Simply click on the button above, and thank you for your donation!!!

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A Family of 500 pledges $500/year for 3 years.  Familes of 500 are local families and trusts that help guarantee Family Promise of Juneau a solid financial base.  Click on the link above to learn more, to become a Family of 500, and to see our publicly listed Families of 500.

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Family Promise depends heavily on volunteers.  There are many ways to help out like cooking and serving meals, spending nights with the guests, helping out at the day center and assisting with fundraising events. There is something for everyone! Volunteers play an essential role in helping families experiencing homelessness attain lasting independence.   Click on the link above for more info.

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Did you know that Amazon donates 0.5% of your AmazonSmile purchase price to the charitable organization of your choice?  It’s the same Amazon, but we get donations just from you shopping at the AmazonSmile website! Click on the button above, login with your info, and search Family Promise of Juneau to add them as your organization

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As a nonprofit, the supplies needed to run our organization and keep our guests stocked up on their needed items are purchased with donations, or are donated.  Click on the button above to see what is currently needed at and where it can be dropped off.  We also have families that have very little to no items they need when they graduate into housing, and they very much appreciate donated items



Fred Meyer has a Community Rewards Program where you can earn donations for Family Promise just by shopping with your Rewards Card.  You still get the rewards, rebates and fuel points, but we get quarterly donations from your purchases.  Click on the button above, click on "Link your rewards card now" sign into your online account, and search Family Promise of Juneau.

“What must it be like to be homeless as a family?  How do you prepare meals, stay dry and warm, keep clothes clean, wash tiny hands and faces, find boots and coats, finish homework by flashlight, and still manage to get to work or school?  How do you put one foot in front of the other when you are up against seemingly insurmountable odds without loosing hope?  If we can help ease the road for some of those along the way, then what a blessing that is.

Former Board Member

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