Our goal for 2020 is 60 Families of 500.

Family promise provides hospitality and support for families, not just a shelter.  You can become a Family of 500 by pledging to donate $500 or more every year over 3 years.  When you do this, you not only help guarantee Family Promise of Juneau a solid financial base, but more so, you will help provide families of Juneau with:

  • A safe place to sleep, eat, bathe, store their belongings, receive mail, and do laundry.

  • Support and love from a case manager and congregational volunteers.

  • Transportation assistance.

  • Budget, parenting and vocational training.

  • Assistance in saving for a down payment on housing.

  • A piece of mind while they focus on things to get back on their feet.

A huge thank you to all of our current Families of 500!

  1. Anonymous

  2. Alan and Mana Akiyama

  3. Anonymous

  4. James and Jean Alter

  5. Dale and Honeybee Anderson

  6. Willie Anderson

  7. Jack and Margie Beedle

  8. Anonymous

  9. Nico and Susan Bus

  10. Mary Capobianco

  11. Jennifer and Shane Carson

  12. Mike and Sara Chambers

  13. Peter & Jacque Christensen

  14. Debera Cokeley

  15. Randy Coleman and Lisa Lindeman

  16. Melinda and Tom Cosgrove

  17. Nancy & John DeCherney

  18. Odette Edgar

  19. Mary and Thomas Fitterer

  20. Virgil and Lori Fredenberg

  21. Vickie Gartley

  22. Carla Goeransson and Thomas Chapple

  23. Janice Gray

  24. Charlotte Heard

  25. Eileen Hosey

  26. Kimberly Kiefer and Pat McLear

  27. Barb Kreher

  28. Doug and Wendy Larsen

  29. Madeleine Lefebvre and Dave Deirdorff

  30. Soapy and Jill Lingle

  31. Mary Lou Madden

  32. Linda McCargar and George Partlow

  33. Michael McMullen

  34. Peter and Jane Mores

  35. Myra Munson

  36. Anonymous

  37. Peter and Julie Neyhart

  38. Elfrida Nord

  39. Joe and Julie Orsi

  40. Scott and Annette Ranger

  41. Robert and Karen Rehfeld

  42. Anonymous

  43. Anonymous

  44. Tari and Kirt Stage-Harvey

  45. Mike and Andi Story

  46. Michelle and Steve Strickler

  47. Brenden Vaughn & Shannon Fisher

  48. Bridget Weiss

  49. Karlynn and Richard Welling

  50. Gaye Willis

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