Family Promise of Juneau (FPJ) treats all prospective guest families equally and will not discriminate against based on race, national origin, color, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, religion, genetic information, veteran status, economic situation, marital status or disability.  Only families that do not have housing or are threatened by homelessness will be considered, and must meet the following qualifications due to the dependency on volunteers and use of Congregational facilities:

  • Family Promise sees family through the eyes of a child.  There must always be at least one child 18 years of age or younger at ACCOMPANIED by at least one adult over 18 years of age.​

  • Family Promise of Juneau WILL NOT accept persons into the program that have the following conditions:

    • Active substance abuse; anyone actively fleeing domestic violence; or a history of a sexual crime.

  • Background checks shall be conducted for each adult member of a family applying.

  • There may be reasons that a family is denied entry into the program. Such denial could result from:

    • The family providing false information intentionally; withholding information that is obvious; active alcohol or drug abuse; tendencies for aggressive behavior towards others and loss of self-control in behavior; past record of violent crimes with no proof of rehabilitation; any type of assault convictions or convictions against children; other situations in past records that could possibly be dangerous to other family members, program volunteers and congregational facilities.

  • The final and overall significant determination of family selection will be based on the family’s overall ability to thrive within the FPJ program through the services it provides.

See what we're all about in the FPJ BROCHURE.

“We were treated like actual people;

not like a case study or statistic.

Family Promise showed us compassion,

sympathy, and even friendship.”

Family Promise Graduate

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