Our strength is our diversity. Although Family Promise is a secular organization, we engage the faith community as our backbone in serving the housing needs of our guests.  Currently we have 12 host congregations of all denominations throughout Juneau to provide shelter, volunteers, and compassion to our families in need.  We also have support congregations and organizations that utilize the host congregations' churches during their weeks of service. 

You do not have to be a member of a congregation to volunteer!

If you do not see your congregation or organization listed and are interested in learning more about becoming a host congregation or supporting congregation/organization, please click on the button below.


Coordinator(s): Kristi Peel & Linda McCargar

Coordinator(s): Debbi Maas

Coordinator(s): Becky Corson & Eileen Hosey

Coordinator(s): Major Gina Halverson

Coordinator(s): Ruth Vincent

Coordinator(s): Becca Antonoplos

Coordinator(s): Pastor Karen Perkins

Coordinator(s): Dan Hall

Coordinator(s): Jon Paden

Coordinator(s): Greg Weinert

Coordinator(s): Randy Coleman


Coordinator(s): Kim Kiefer

Coordinator(s): Carol May

Coordinator(s): Ruth Cunningham

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